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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: bbystrom skrivet 2019-02-11, 19:07

They must be one and the same individual. Borås AI:7 Bild 36/Sida 50 shows Inga Nilsdotter born 1775 from Kind arrived 1804 (I also checked 1801) listed with her son Nicolaus born 1807 in Borås. Yet when we check the incoming record for Borås we find listed Ingrid Nilsdotter born 1776 Gällstad see Borås BI:1 Bild 26/Sida 34 person #43. There is no other Inga or Ingrid Nilsdotter coming into Borås in the years 1801 or 1804. This must be the same person.

That being the case, I would greatly appreciate knowing what the last record in Borås reads about her. Broås AI:11 (1830-1838) Bild 45/Sid 34 reads "Inhys" (living gratis at another persons residence) "Piga" (unmarried woman) Inga Nilsdotter from Gällstad born 1776. She moves out in 1832 (#159) to "Lidköping". The last column reads "fattig" (pauper/poor) but the first word I cant make out (Fjicklig?). I am curious to know what it means. She is also found on page 43 of the same record.

I did find her in Lidköping BI:1 Bild 80 #138.