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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: leif_lundkvist skrivet 2019-02-10, 22:39
Yes, oägta = oäkta, and as far as I have seen Inga never married and had only one child, but things could have happened before 1807. Up to 1824 she is said to be born in Kind 1875 but after 1824 she is not found, but there is an Inga Nilsdotter born 1776 in Gällstad, First I thought that must be another woman, but now I'm not so sure, as there is no Kind Parish, but Gällstad is a Parish in Kinda Härad. I find no Inga born in Gällstad 1775 or 1776, but there are several subparishes, could be one of them.