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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Klas Wallén skrivet 2019-02-10, 22:06
Hi Doug!

Now my wife and I have had some time to go thru some of the church books in Åsbo and Säby and I have found some interesting things and perhaps some relatives to you.

First I must say that it is still a very tricky problem and I also had a look at Cajsa Carlsdotters ancestors and there were some problems there too with the priest probably noted the wrong year, month and/or days for birth and marriage. It seems that the church books in Åsbo is not so reliable when it comes to the facts in other Parishes. Anyway we went thru the books and apparently there are few candidates for your Per Andersson and his father in the moving register and birth records. If the Priest made a mistake with Säby it will be very difficult to find the right Peter but if Säby is the right Parish there are a few alternatives. If it is not necessary the correct year, month and day noted in Åsbo, I found an interesting Peter Andersson born in 1753-03-04 in Säthälla in Säby (C/3 page 191). My wife googled him and found a page with genealogical research from a person (Lars) now living in Boxholm Östergötland. He is also in a straight line related to Peter Andersson thru his son Anders and his son Anders Andersson born 1819-02-16. If he is your ancestors too you and I may share a common ancestor way back in time on his wife's side. According to this person your Peter Andersson was the one I found in Säby born 1753-03-04. He do not explain how he comes to that conclusion though. I had a look in the household examination book AI/1 page 350 and found that in 1759 and forward there was a Per in Säthälla but he was to young to be the one born in 1753 though it was the same parents. According the death records no Per died in Säthälla. In 1760 the parents to Peter born in 1753 got a new son called Peter. He lives when the mother died in 1783 and was noticed as 21 years old but not where he lived at that time. I suggest that you look up that Peters siblings and see if you can find your Peter as a witness at their children’s baptisms. One thing that make me think it is still the wrong Peter is that if he was born in 1760 his first wife was much older than him. Worth checking up though. I also found three other possible Peter Andersson. One born in October 1753 with father Anders Larsson and mother Margareta, and one Peter born in Kolshult 1755-09-26 to soldier Anders and mother Elin Persdotter (page 196 Säby C/3). Another Per Andersson is the son to the soldier wettersten(?) and mother Maria born Dec 31 1754 (page 195 Säby  C/3) Perhaps you should see if you can find them in the household examination books and see if they have some sisters and brothers and see if your Peter is a witness on their children’s baptisms.
  I will also give you the link to the site we found so you can look for some more things there. I asked my uncle who also lives in Boxholm and he knew about Lars and was a classmate to his younger brother. It is a small world :-) Lars have his email adress on that site if you like to get in touch with him, or if you like I can call him on the phone first.

I deleted the link because I do not think it is ok on this site to give away another persons adress. I will send it to you in a personal message that you can see if you go to the page that we can see the questions for today(Forum). There you can see who are online right now and your name is there when you are online. Under the names can be seen Privata Meddelanden. Click there and you can read my message with the link.

Regards Klas