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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: bbystrom skrivet 2019-02-09, 19:06

With your help I think I have found my great-great grandfather's "missing" birth record. I am going to post my question here and apologize if I should have started a new posting but the background information you all have provided along the way is necessary to answer the question. When I looked for the incoming and outgoing records for Torpa for the year 1829 (the year Nicolaus moved into Vralen) I found they are listed under Borås. And when I looked at the birth records for Borås for the year Nicolaus was born, 19/6 1807 I found a Nicolaus listed (Borås CI:7 Bild 18/Sida 21). However I do not see his father's name listed as "Peter". This has to be his birth record, but what could explain the difference in the last name? I have attached the birth record in question and kindly ask if someone could translate it for me (unless you all feel that this is NOT the correct Nicolaus born 19/6 1807 Torpa). I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this puzzling matter.

With heart felt thanks,
Brad Bystrom