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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: leif_lundkvist skrivet 2019-02-09, 04:26
You actually have Nicolaus twice on page 32. First far up on the page he moves in from Torpa To Vralen (which is on page 32!), and that is the record you point at in B:1 (for me it is Bild 75). He moves out the same year and arrives again still the same year, the record on page 32 you point at. I don't find those in and out in B:1 so it might be a move within Bredared. I think the text to the right on the upper record is "till samma hemman och Joh. Svensson", = to the same homestead and Johan Svensson, which is correct, he moves from service with Anders Svensson to service with Johan Svensson.