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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: bbystrom skrivet 2019-02-08, 03:16

Thanks again Leif. When I look at the incoming record for Bredared in 1831 it says he came from "Gingråd"? Bredared B:1 Bild 88 (see attachment, person 36). I read Dräng Nicolaus Pettersson, "Gingråd(?)", "Sranabi(?)" Bredared, 1807, and notes I cant make out in the last column. I have checked a listing of all the parishes in Sweden and cannot find one close to "Gingråd". Am I way off base on the spelling or is it not listed in the books and sources I have checked?

On my father's side everyone lived and died in the same parish. The men might get a wife from a neighboring parish but that was the extent of it for as long as far back as the parish records exist. All farmers. On my mother's side they never stayed in one place for long and there are so many notes in the records. It has been a challenge. I greatly appreciate all the help.