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Titel: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: bbystrom skrivet 2019-02-07, 21:11

I am trying to back track my great-great grandfather's footsteps to hopefully find his parents but am stuck trying to read the notes on Torpa AI:10 image 53 page 82 (see attachment). Here we find Niclas Petersson born 1807 in Torpa, came into Torpa (18??) from (I cannot read this parish). He left for Göteborg in 1834 person number 17. He leaves with his first wife who is listed below (I come from the marriage with his third wife). The birth records for Torpa in Ålvsborgs and Halland have been searched without success. I am trying now to back track his life as a last ditch effort to find out more on him. I have also attached the outgoing record incase there is any information there that you feel would be of any value in my search (Borås B:2 image 84 attached).