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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Douglas A Nelson skrivet 2019-01-22, 16:39
Here I summarize my work looking for Pehr Andersson's birth, and his movements into Åsbo parish.

Possible births for Pehr Andersson.  Åsbo household exams list either 2 Jan 1753 or 2 Jan 1743 as his birthdate.

I searched Säby births 1751-1760: 3 possible/certain Pehr Anderssons born, one in January. 
Säby C3/192 Oct 1753  f: Anders
Säby C3/193  2 Jan 1754  father: probably Jan/Jon
Säby C3/200 30 Apr 1757  f: Anders

I searched also Säby births in January only, 1743-1753.  Found one Pehr Andersson:
Säby C3/169 6 Jan 1744

I did a page search of Säby A2 (1769-1782).  I found two Pehr Anderssons in their families, but with the “wrong” birth years (1757, 1765).  The first (p. 27, born 1757, father: Anders Jonsson) is crossed out with an unclear destination written.  The entire family of the other Pehr (p. 143, b. 1765, father: Anders Persson) is also crossed out, perhaps because the mother died.  No destination is listed.

I searched Åsbo births 1742-1760: No Pehr Andersson born.
There are no birth records for Ekeby then. I have not checked other nearby parishes.

Moving Records

I searched Åsbo C2 & 3 moving in from 1744-1785.  1785 is when we first encounter Pehr in an Åsbo household exam.  I began in 1744 to check the possibility he moved with his family.  He would be too young to travel alone in the first two records below.  If he was born in 1743/1744, he would have been old enough to be married (to Elizabeth Månsdotter in the records below).  Had he been born in 1744, he would have been 100 years old at his death!  A more likely 1753-1757 birth date would rule out all but the last two moving records.

Åsbo C:2/99  4 May 1758 Per Andersson from Mjolby 
Åsbo C:2/103  15 Nov 1761 Per Andersson from Ekeby
Åsbo C:2/103  31 Oct 1762 Per Andersson with husfru Elizabeth Månsdotter
Åsbo C:2/103  14 Nov 1762 Per Andersson from W. Stens (?)
Åsbo C:2/116    3 June 1771 Per Andersson with husfru Elizabeth Månsdotter from Harg
Åsbo C:2/118  8 Nov 1772 Per Andersson (I can’t read)
Åsbo C:3/493 8 June 1783 Pehr Andersson from Ekeby to Timmero (?)  It appears he is with an Anna.

The last moving in record seems most promising.  If I read the destination correctly, he moved to where we first found him in Åsbo in 1785 (Timmero).  But Anna would have to have died so that Pehr could marry Helena Mansdotter (his first wife in Åsbo) in 1785.  It appears that someone named Anna did die on 4 May 1784 (Åsbo C:3/517).  32 years old?  I can’t read this record.

There are no moving records for Ekeby prior to 1807, so I cannot check if he moved from Säby to Ekeby, and there are no household exams in Ekeby before 1808. I cannot read the writing in the Säby moving records to see if he moved from there to Ekeby.

None of this is very convincing.  It could just as easily be that Pehr was born somewhere other than Säby parish.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.