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Titel: SV: Help translating two localities
Skrivet av: Klasse skrivet 2019-01-19, 14:26
If you tell me the books and pages where you found the three Peter Andersson I might have some time to take a look at them too. Säby is a nice Parish with it's center in a vally with a beautiful Church near a small lake. We use to go there several times each year spotting birds.

I think I have found your line in släktdatas material and Arkiv Digital. Nils Bengtsson dies in Karten(ed) in Västra Tunhem 1808-11-30 (Västra Tunhem C/3 page 525). Karten(ed) is a place that Bengt Lindgren and Anna Nilsdotter with family mowed to before 1761 when their daughter Kristina was born in Karten(ed). When Kristina is born in 1761 Bengt is still noted as Jonsson so it is no doubt that Bengt Lindgren in Karten and Bengt Jonsson the father of Nils born in 1758, is the same person. Bengt Jonsson and Anna Nilsdotter also got Jonas born 1756.05-02. When Bengt Lindgren dies in 1817-07-06 he is noted under Runnarebo where his son Jonas Lindgren born 1756-05-02 also lives and works as a forest ranger (AI/1 page 215). Bengt is noted as 87 years 8 months and 23 days old which gives us the birth around October 1729 in Karten)ed) (AI/! page 215, C/3 page 541). Also in the death records Bengt is noted as a former kronojägare which at least later on was a kind of forest ranger too. We can find a Bengt with father Jon born in Karten 1729-09-21 and that is very close (Västra Tunhem C/1 page 226). I think that is your Bengt Jonsson. When Bengt Jonsson and Anna Nilsdotter are married in 1754-01-01 his parents are noted as Jon Larsson and Kerstin Bengtsdotter and her as Nils Eriksson and Anna Torstensdotter. In 1770 08 22 a Kristin Bengtsdotter dies in Karten 87 years old and in 1744-06-1o a Farmer Jon Larsson dies in Kartened.