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Titel: SV: Help translating two localities
Skrivet av: DougN skrivet 2019-01-18, 16:10

Thank you very much for the photo!  In 2012 I was able to visit the farm my grandfather grew up on at Rånnum Storegården in Västra Tunhem.  It was quite similar to the photo you sent.

Luckily for me, Slaktdata is very good for Västra Tunhem.  I took a while, but I was able to find the birth for Nils Bengtsson Lindgren by searching for Nils Jonsson (the family name of his father, who I assume adopted the name Lindgren when he joined the army.  I have to verify that assumption still).  Searches for Nils Bengtsson or Nils Lindgren did not find him.  This family was not consistent in their use of a surname.

You may recall that last week you helped me with another question concerning Pehr Andersson in Ǻsbo parish who apparently was born in neighboring Säby.  I am still working on that: I have found 3 Pehr Anderssons who moved in to Ǻsbo, and still need to find if one of them is my ancestor.  I want to thank you for pointing me to using the tax records and to looking at witnesses to the birth of children.  I have since found these methods to be very useful!

Thank you again,
Doug Nelson