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Titel: SV: Help translating two localities
Skrivet av: Klasse skrivet 2019-01-18, 14:37
You're welcome Doug!

I don't know if you have found out that you can search directly on the släktddata site not just download things? You can go to "sökning" above to the left and choose some of the categories "Christian name/förnamn Parish/församling, surname/efternamn, title/titel and so on. If you for instance choose västra Tunhem as Parish, nils for Christian name and bengt as surname and then  född/born  the program will list all birth activities with Nils Bengtsson involved in västra Tunhem. I think you also can extend the number of parishes you like to search. Unfortunately Släktdata do not have all Swedish Parishes but are often strong in some Geographical areas.

Also here is a link to a picture of Baggården (bare in mind that there were perhpas several different Baggården farms in late 18th Century and that the one on the picture is more likely built during the 19th century) published on Bygdeband.