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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Douglas A Nelson skrivet 2019-01-04, 20:57
Dear bmw -- Thank you for your interest!  You have made an interesting find!  On the next page (44) of the same Ekeby volume you will find Anna Stina's only full brother, Anders Pehrsson with 3 of his 4 surviving children.  Ander's wife has the same name as his sister!  Anders left Åsbo in 1817 before marrying, lived in Västra Härg for years, then settled in Ekeby.  I did not follow Anna's movements because she is not my ancestor, but was happy to see your discovery.

Dear Klas -- Thanks for suggesting to look at witnesses to the births of Pehr Andersson's  children.  The locations I can recognize immediately are either  Basteberg or Norra Timmero, both in Åsbo.  There are a few others I will have to research.  Interestingly, Caisa Carlsdotter (Pehr's second wife and the only one he had children with) gave birth to an illegitimate child on 11 May 1790.  A "Pehr" from Basteberg is a witness.  Pehr married her in October.
I will see if I can identify any witnesses who came from Säby.  And I will look in the death and marriage records as you suggest.

Thanks again for everyone's help!