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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Klas Wallén skrivet 2019-01-04, 19:08
I have had a little look at the "Mantalslängderna" which is kind of taxation lists, that you can read free on riksarkivet. For Åsbo and your Per you can use the year 1771 and from 1784 and forward. In 1784 years taxation we can see an unmarried Petter Andersson for Norra Tmmerö and also a Per Andersson married with two children. There is also a croft called Anderstorp with an Anders with wife and children living there but they are probably not Pers parents. In 1771 there are two Anders living in Timmerö Norrgård and also an Olof. (Mantalslängder: 1784 picture 901, 1785 picture 90, and 1771) What is strange is that when your Per Andersson has married his first wife in 1785 we can after that see in the taxation list that there are no Petter Andersson as head of one of the households on Norra Timmerö but instead one living in one of the crofts. Before your Per is married there are one Petter Andersson as head of one of the households.

I have one more idea that you can test. Go thru all Per Anderssons childrens birth records and look for wittnesses from Säby. If Per moved from Säby but had some familly there they might have come to Åsbo for the baptism. You might also look for an Anders from Norra Timmerö in the death records, he might be your Pers father. The marrige between Pers parents is not easy to find but if you notice all marriges in Åsbo and Säby with an Anders around 1740-1753 you can later check them against other persons you will get from the moving lists and baptism records. Perhaps you will be able to finaly find Pers parents. Good luck and let us know if you find them.

Regards Klas