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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Klas Wallén skrivet 2019-01-03, 20:54

I think the priest first wrote a "p" and then changed it to what seems to be "Lars Eriksson" alternatively "Carl" but that is not so likely. The mother is called Brita Nilsdotter and I think they lived in Bråtestugan. That was a cotage under the farm Bråten in Säby. I did not find any Lars or Brita under Bråten or some of the Bråten crofts in Säby AI/1 page 27 though, but a Carl with a wife called Annika. Interesting though, that it is actually on January 2, 1743, that we can find a Per. Off cource the priest sometimes wrote totally wrong names in the records but so far we can't say that it is your Per we can see there. There are some documents in both Säby and Åsbo telling who moved in and out the Parish but a quick look could not find Anders with wife Anna Stina Olofsdotter. But as I wrote earlier Anna Stina could be a mother in law not Pers mother. I recommend you to take a look at the register for moving in and out for Åsbo and Säby.  There is an Anders Persson and an Anna Olofsdotter who got married in Åsbo in 1743 (Åsbo C/2 page 384). I am not sure they are the parents of your Per though. The Anna Stina who can be seen under Basteberg in A/1 can be found in Åsbo C/2 page 169 with soldier Olof Frimodig and Maria Johansdotter as parents. Several wittnesses comes from Timmery which was an older name for Timmerö, so there is a conection there worth checking up if you do not have better clues. Also somewhere you may find Per Anderssons  parents marriage. If his mother was from Åsbo it is likely that they got married there but otherwise they could have married in Säby or some other parish around Åsbo. Perhaps I should ask you what you have so far regarding Per Andersson? It might help with more information. Is Per Andersson one of your ancestors?

Regards Klas