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Titel: SV: Help with locality near Ǻsbo parish
Skrivet av: Britt-Marie Waller skrivet 2019-01-03, 19:06
Per Andersson was married five times, not three!

Marriage number 1: 1785-10-30 dräng Pehr Andersson at Basteberg with pigan Helena Månsdotter at Södra Timmerö (C:2 Åsbo p 402). Helena died in Basteberg from childbirth 1787-03-21, 36 years old (C:2 Åsbo p 519).

Marriage number 2: 1787-10-28 Widower Pehr Andersson at Basteberg and pigan Catharina Johansdotter from Södra Timmerö (C:2 Åsbo p 403). Catharina died at Basteberg in 1790-01-04 from stroke (she hade risen from the kitchentable and just fell over and died!), 48 years old (C:2 Åsbo p 520).

Marriage number 3: 1790-10-31 Widower Pehr Andersson at Basteberg and Cajsa Carlsdotter at Timmerötorp (C:2 Åsbo p 404). Cajsa/Catharina died at Basteberg 1797-05-04 from "venerisk illness", 30 years old (C:2 Åsbo p 525).

Marriage number 4: 1798-01-01 Widower Pehr Andersson at Basteberg and the widow Lena Eriksdotter at the same place (C:2 Åsbo p 406). Lena died at Basteberg 1829-05-08 from old age, 75 years old (C:4 Åsbo p 401).

Marriage number 5: 1831-07-08 Widower Pehr Andersson at Stampstugan, Norra Timmerö ägor and pigan Greta Månsdotter from Syllerbro.

Pehr Andersson and his 4th wife Lena Eriksdotter can be found at AI:2 Åsbo, N Timmerö properties p 273. AI:3 p 178 and 1812 to Sätterstorp p 198. AI:4 N Timmerö properties p 152, AI:5 p 152, AI:7 p 218 Stampstugan, AI.9  219, AI:13 p 198. Pehr Andersson dies at Stampstugan 1844-12-09 (C:4 Åsbo p 436).

There is an estate inventory for Göstrings häradsrätt FII:32 p 1009 for Pehr Andersson at Stampstugan, the widow Greta Månsdotter. Two children, Anders and Anna Maja married to Nils Johansson at Karsbo.

The children must be Anders born 1792-04-20 Basteberg (C:3 Åsbo p 273) and Anna 1794-12-15 (C:3 p 285). The mother is Carin/Cajsa/Catharina Carlsdotter.