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Titel: Ingaborg Gustafsdotter - Gamleby?
Skrivet av: pamelah skrivet 2018-11-04, 17:54
I've been trying to find the birth record of my 4th great-grandmother Ingaborg Gustafsdotter in Odensvi where her spouse Anders Johansson (1731) was born to no avail.  Now I believe I may have found her in Gamleby, born 8 Feb 1734 (or the 6th?), Gamleby C:3, page 235, the father Samuel Samuelsson.  Could anyone tell me if this is likely the mother of Jaen Andersson (1763) of SmĂ€ltaretorpet, Odensvi?  Also, if this is correct, is Ingaborg's mother Brita PĂ„rsddotter and does it list a location for the parents?
Thanks for any help,