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Skrivet av: Barbara Dilling skrivet 2018-08-16, 16:00
I looked up the birth record of Elna Jönsdotter 1854 in Börringe C1:2 Ver:a 1807-1854 Image 2330 p. 479.  It lists Elna being born on 2 March 1854 in Stirup with parents Jöns Christiansson and Karna Hansdotter.  However, all the household records Børringe A1:9 Image 2410 p. 234 and A1:10 Image 2850 p. 280 list her birthdate as 7 December 1854.  Was this just an error in the birth record?  Elna and her parents all list the same birth place, which I cannot read.  I cannot find her parents birth records.  Any insights are appreciated.