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Titel: SV: Letar (Översatt med google translate)
Skrivet av: Harald Nordius skrivet 2018-07-04, 22:57
The church records will be a good start. They are available at
You can select English for the main menues, but when you come to the listing of the records, their titles are given in Swedish. The most important records are:
Husförhörslängd, records of all persons living in the parish
Inflyttningslängd, records of persons moving to the parish
Utflyttningslängd, records of persons moving from the parish
These two are often combined with moving in and moving out on separate pages
Födelse- och dopbok, records of births an baptisms
Lysnings- och vigselbok, records of banns and marriages
Död-och begravningsbok, records of deaths and funerals