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Titel: SV: Name of town
Skrivet av: Klasse skrivet 2018-05-17, 19:20
Just like to point out what has already been said here and also explain some about Villages in Sweden. Täby during the 18 th century was not a town, city or even a village in the classic British sense, it was a parish. Close to the Church it cold be some houses  but not many. The rest of the houses in Täby, like other Swedish socknar were spread out in the parish in small clusters that we in Swedish use to call "byar" or "orter" that often contained 2-5 farms and perhaps some crofts on the property. The word By in Swedish is often translated to the Englsih Village, a place often with a few hundred up to a few thousand people, but a by was much much smaller. Most Swedish cities (Städer in Swedish, from the old Swedish word "Stad" that meant place), until the 19 th Century, were not larger than a traditional Englsih Village.

Also when it says Täby byn I guess it is the small settlement near the Church that is refered to

Regards Klasse