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Titel: SV: Adolph Procopé's (cirka 1717-1798) parents?
Skrivet av: compleo skrivet 2018-03-30, 15:48
My last post on this subject. Carl Christiansson Procopaeus children are inadequately investigated. Maybe also a Otto Christian was a son [ (]. But there is hope, "ryttmästerskan" Margareta Tacku died 1762 at home of Gabriel Procopaeus born 1714 31/3 [ (], there can be a estate inventory after her in Vehmaan ja Ala-Satakunnan tuomiokunnan perukirjat . According to Gustaf Elgenstierna and Den introducerade svenska adelns ättartavlor. and Rosenbröijer nr 404 was Carl Gustaf Procopæus, born 1712 13/2 in Loimijoki socken a son, he died 1785 22/10 in Asikkala socken, it seems like he had no children, maybe there is a estate inventory after him in Hollolan kihlakunnan tuomiokunta (Hämeen lääni).

Even before the marriage with Rehnstrahl there was a connection with Holmstedt (bokhållare Holmstedt at baptism notice with Norström), maybe this was or a person connected to "bokhållare" Thomas Holmstedt that lived in Stockholm that was married with Maria de Besche before 1688. In Loimijoki socken there was military officer Thomas Holmstedt born about 1698 who had a Maria De Besche at his home.

According to the roll of support after retirement AP died 1796. [ (].  I would look where his children lived at this time.

I can really recommend the Finnish forum (, maybe they can help you some more.