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Titel: SV: DNA match och etnicitet
Skrivet av: Hans Jönsson skrivet 2018-01-16, 21:57
Hej igen!

Jag skickade en fråga till (till MyHeritage):
A question on LARGEST SEGMENT:
The LARGEST SEGMENT between me and janet was 18.8 cM.
How large could a LARGEST SEGMENT be and still might be a false

Svaret från MyHeritage blev:

Please be advised that as was previously mentioned, a largest segment of 18.8 cM is one of the indicators that are taken into account when calculating a relationship, but there is a need to review all the information in the DNA match.

I have reviewed your DNA matches and I can see that after we have implemented a new DNA matching system Janet is not in the list of your suggested DNA matches. The recent improvements in DNA matching system will provide you with a more accurate and detailed information about your DNA matches. Please follow >this< link to read more about it in our blog.

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Hans Jönsson