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Titel: Andres (Andrew) Nichlason Andersen / Anderssen
Skrivet av: Michele Rodoni skrivet 2017-06-27, 17:37
I'm reaching out for help / assistance.  I'm trying to research my ancestry / heritage and am struggling with this side of my family.  Here's what I've been able to find via, however I do realize that not all of the information posted on the site is verified.  I'm hoping to find verifiable documentation.

Great grandfather:
Andres Nichlason Andersen
Birth 28 AUG 1873 • Värmland, Sweden
Death 25 MAR 1950 • Norwich, McHenry, North Dakota, USA

Great great grandfather:
Nicklas Andersen
Birth 1851 • Järbo, Älvsborg, Sweden
Death UNKNOWN • "

Great great grandmother: (possibly)
Anna Christina Andersen

Thank you,