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Titel: Wennerbom ock Thorseen
Skrivet av: Christian Benedixen Haven skrivet 2017-03-11, 11:21
I was very excited to see genealogy here that showed the Wennerbom family inter-married with the Thorseen family three times!   :)
I have an ancestor couple of Sven Thorseen married to Ingrid Vennerbom in Halmstad.
Does anyone know how they connect with the rest of their families?
(please forgive my lack of Swedish)
Sven and Ingrid raised a large family of 8 children born between 1772 and 1790 in Halmstad.
I cannot find their marriage or any relatives in the Halmstad församling or husförhörslängd.  So I think they must come from out of town.
Note: Thorseen is spelled variously Thorsen, Thorsin, Torrsin with an accent mark on the last syllable.