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Titel: Is it possible to find an illegitimate child's father?
Skrivet av: B. Van skrivet 2017-01-20, 15:53
My 2nd great-grandfather, who went by many names in his life but started out as Anders Gustaf Anderson, was born illegitimate on Oct 20 1853 in Karlskoga, Orebro, Sweden. His mother's name was Sara Cristina (or Stina) Persdottir from Nora Landsförsamling, Örebro, Sweden. She had a brother named Anders but her father's name was Per Nilsson so I think she named him after the supposed father. Later she married another man and he took that man's last name (Welam or Welamsson). His name was Per Erik Welamsson. He later emigrated to America and brought the whole surviving family in fits and starts including several half brothers and his mother.

Does anyone know where I would look for any records of paternity? There is nothing in the church books that mention who the father might have been, I'm not sure the man she married was his father as he never seems to have officially claimed him and she married him almost five years after his birth, and due to him and his half brother marrying two sisters, DNA is bit tangled.