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Titel: SV: Nils Hansson Bargren
Skrivet av: Art Berggreen skrivet 2016-08-03, 17:43
You will find him in the roll for 1721 under no 65 (page 1038) in captain Wrangel's company. (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1122 (1721), bildid: A0029179_00527). He was enlisted on October 25, 1719 and was 33 years old in 1921 and born in Skåne.

And no, the rolls do not end in 1740, but the company got a new commanding officer, captain Redeken. You will find Nils Bargren in the roll for 1741 at page 534 (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1132 (1741), bildid: A0029190_00275) and in the roll for 1745 at page 654 (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1133 (1745), bildid: A0029191_00333). The latter roll reports his death at Fredrikshamn on February 18, 1742.


Many thanks Bertil!

I assume there is no more detailed information about his origin than Skåne län.

On Arkivdigital the Svea livgardes grenadjäinrbataljons parish records end in 1741 so that confused me.

Is there any mention about cause of death?

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Art Berggreen