NULL Skriv ut sidan - SV: Nils Hansson Bargren


Titel: SV: Nils Hansson Bargren
Skrivet av: Bertil Strömberg skrivet 2016-08-03, 14:38
You will find him in the roll for 1721 under no 65 (page 1038) in captain Wrangel's company. (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1122 (1721), bildid: A0029179_00527). He was enlisted on October 25, 1719 and was 33 years old in 1921 and born in Skåne.

And no, the rolls do not end in 1740, but the company got a new commanding officer, captain Redeken. You will find Nils Bargren in the roll for 1741 at page 534 (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1132 (1741), bildid: A0029190_00275) and in the roll for 1745 at page 654 (Generalmönsterrullor, Arkiv med löpande volymnumrering, SE/KrA/0023/0/1133 (1745), bildid: A0029191_00333). The latter roll reports his death at Fredrikshamn on February 18, 1742.