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Titel: Nils Hansson Bargren
Skrivet av: Art Berggreen skrivet 2016-08-03, 01:59
I hope you don't mind questions in English.
I'm trying to find information about Nils Hansson Bargren who was a member of the Svea livgardes grenadj√§rbataljons in Stockholm.  Around 1728-1730 he was a member of Captain Wrangel's company.  I believe I have found him in the 1728 Generalm√∂nsterrullor (#83, page 1095). I think that entry indicates he enrolled in 1719.  Any help transcribing and translating that entry would be welcome.
Several years ago another forum member said that he had died 18 Feb 1742 in Fredrikshamn (Finland), but I never got a source citation.  The Generalm√∂nsterrullors seem to end about 1740.  What became of the regiments after that year?  Could some have become Finska regiments?

Thanks for any help,
Art Berggreen