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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2007-04-14
Skrivet av: Ernst Stjernberg skrivet 2007-04-10, 22:03
Thomas, du är inte ensam om detta. Det finns faktiskt ett par böcker (på engelska) om detta ämnet. Författaren heter Henry Z. Jones, Jr. Den första heter Physic Roots -Serendipity and Intuition in Genealogy (ISBN: 9780806313887). Den andra heter More Physic Roots - Further Adventures in Seredipity and Intuition in Genealogy (ISBN: 9780806315249). Båda finns att köpa från och var ny-utgivna i 2005 och 2003.
Jag läste om dem i går kväll i ett nyhetsbrev från den bokhandeln...
Här är hur den första boken beskrivs:
Psychic Roots is all about the influence of coincidence and serendipity on genealogical research, the chance combination of events over which the researcher has no control but which nevertheless guides him to a fortuitous discovery. Certainly chance or dumb luck sometimes leads us straight to a record kept in an improbable place, to an ancestor's second wife we didn't know anything about, and so on. Is it luck? Coincidence? In this book, esteemed genealogist Hank Jones tells us about his own brushes with preternatural experiences, and he has invited other genealogists to share their experiences as well; thus in these pages we have the insights of well over a hundred respected ancestor hunters who discuss their experiences in light of synchronicity, intuition, genetic memory, and serendipity. Their stories fairly crackle with illumination and make a plausible case for the importance of the sixth sense in genealogical research.