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Titel: Please help with bouppteckning of 1795
Skrivet av: Anna-Carin Betzén skrivet 2009-01-27, 19:25
...and a translation, again omitting the amounts at the end of each line:
After the estate inventory list had been created, the cash of the estate was divided between the heirs as follows:
The widow received the sum alotted to her in the will, along with her 1/3rd (the balance is  
The son Sven Svensson  
Ditto [i.e., Sven Svensson], received as the guardian of his brother Lars  
The son Petter Svensson  
The son in law Nils Nilsson  
Ditto Göran Andersson  
The guardians Nils Nilsson and Jöran Andersson, recieved for one minor son and two girls
(Checking your original post again, I just realized that you were asking for help with what seems to be the bottom part of page 16 on your site, and this is page 17. Oh well...  The paragraph on page 16 is a lot harder to read, I'm sorry but I can't help you with that.)
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