NULL Skriv ut sidan - Please help with bouppteckning of 1795


Titel: Please help with bouppteckning of 1795
Skrivet av: Norm Pono Sandin skrivet 2009-01-27, 02:59
The attached is a paragraph from a 1795 bouppteckning.  The deceased had a handicapped son who had a brother as guardian and this paragraph was followed by a list of items that the son kept from his father's clothing in exchange for (or perhaps in addition to) the cash percentage he was awarded in an earlier page.  The deceased also had a minor son and three minor daughters mentioned in this text.  
I have decoded the list of items and some of this paragraph, but several words escape me and although I have the gist, the true meaning is obscure.  Here is what I have so far in extracting letters from the text and English translation:
Slutad Låtadas Enkan och Arvingare ? och Ankom Enkan sin 1/3 dahl i Los varniv? Lissan No. 3 och ? ? No. 1 No. 2 - vida ra Låtadas om ? ? ? ? ? en Sonen söm sin dahl bytta uti 3ne Dottren och ? ? Ömyndig son Nils folz andra:
Finish allow widow and heirs ? and comes widow her 1/3 share in ? ? list No. 3 and ? ? No. 1 No. 2 - further advice allow ? ? ? ? ? ? a son who his share exchange with 3 daughters and ? ? minor son Nils keep other:
I would very much appreciate help with the extraction and translation of this paragraph.  The entire bouppteckning work is online at if you would care to review and comment on the rest of the document.  I suspect I have a number of errors
Thank you for any attention you can give to this request!
Pono (Norm)