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Titel: Hedvig Eleonora, EIa:4
Skrivet av: Jennifer Veer skrivet 2009-04-30, 08:25
Anna-Carin,  Yes, that could be the case.  She immigrated herself at 18 years old and perhaps knew exactly what she meant but didn't know the better English translation.  So far all of her info. has been very accurate as far as my research goes. Thanks for your ideas.
Christer Kalin, thanks for the extra reading help on the dates, etc.  Now that I know what those two middle dates were, I am able to go look for their coming and goings from Stockholm and maybe find the woman's birth place in Täby.  The grandmother said her parents were from Värmland, so I am thinking Täby is the one in Örebro, Närke.  Thanks again everyone!
Jennifer Veer