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Titel: Hedvig Eleonora, EIa:4
Skrivet av: Jennifer Veer skrivet 2009-04-26, 22:30
Thanks for your reply and information on Waktmastären.  That is very interesting.  I was surprised that this was a job dealing with taxes.  This man's granddaughter was interviewed as an adult and she referred to her grandfather as a 'King's guard'. I was thinking that he was a military guard. If he was a guard rather than a porter, etc. would he be part of the military guard or simply an employee guard, paid by the government?  
 One other piece of information I have is that, assuming I have the right Carl Strandberg, his granddaughter also stated that he and his wife were out-cast from his wife's family because she was from a wealthy family and he was from much lower class.  
Were you able to read any of the lower paragrah of the bann that you could write to me?  It is very sketchy and difficult to decipher.  Thank you very much!
Jennifer Veer