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Titel: Hedvig Eleonora, EIa:4
Skrivet av: Jennifer Veer skrivet 2009-04-26, 01:10

I'm having difficulty with some of the hand-writing in this marriage document.  Source:Stockholm Hedvig Eleonora E!A:4 Banns 1802-1825 0/0, genline gid # 2732.320.36000.  First, the title of the man wacktmastaren with Kgl Allmanna Maga???? ???tronen. (Also, what kind of work would this be??)  
On the lower writing, I see he is born in 1790 7/5.  I can't read anything between that date and the next date 17/7 1717.  Then the bride was born 1793, and again i can't read until the date ??/?? 21.  Then I believe it says that they live married in ???? No 10 Quart. Skrafvelberget Storre.
Bottom signatures ? Hagstrom , D. Lund.  Are these the witnesses, I'm thinking?
Upper left corner, vigle d: 21 Sept. 1823 ?? k????? ?ingvall. Is ?ingvall the priest's name?
Thank you in advance for any help.
Jennifer Veer