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Skrivet av: Bjorn Lamborn skrivet 2015-03-28, 21:55
This time I shall respond in English. The YFULL tree is based on people who have taken the BigY test and who  
then asked YFULL to evaluate their results. It gives you a useful tool to see current progress in the Tree. First, I would comment that the only person who is Y4706* on that tree is I and I am the only person in that group who has taken the BigY test. The people that are Y4702, equivalent to Y4704, are members of the Raiha and Tawast families. According to Nordisk Familjebok, Bishop Magnus Tawast was born in 1357 and was a member of one of the most prominent nobel families in Finland,so it makes sense to identify him as of Finnish descent. Y4703 which is listed on YFULL as having its most recent common ancestor 600 years ago is certainly consistent with that. Y4743 represents the most recent common ancestor for the Raiha family at 375 years before the present time and is also consistent with recorded history and it is not surprising that those two SNP's may identify two families. I am sure that in the future similar single family SNP's will be discovered when other family members do equivalent deep testing. I am an active participant in the Baltic Sea Project, which includes Finnish colleagues, and we are studying all the BigY results and not only those examined by YFULL.
With respect to the Y4706* group, that currently consists of just four candidates. These are clearly not part of the groups mentioned above, but it can be stated that individual SNP testing below Y4706 has been done. One of the four shares 10 of my 12 quality SNP's and is clearly related to me although we have not identified a specific common ancestor. A second person does not share any of my SNP's and therefore appears to represent a third branch of the tree below Y4706. It is also highly unlikely that an SNP that is 2000 years old is truly the terminal one for any of us.