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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-01-12
Skrivet av: Stefan Simander (Simson) skrivet 2004-02-29, 08:41
Stod det inte i tidningarna nyligen om ett betydligt billigare alternativ än detta?
You have a choice of 4 different Paternity tests. Easy, Premium and Super Tests are VERY easy to take. You can follow instructions from this web-site, or we can mail you a FREE Kit which has everything you need to take the test.  
Court approved tests are also very easy to take, contact us for legal test requirements.
Each test (listed below) uses almost the exact same technique, but tests with higher accuracy involve testing more regions (parts) of each persons DNA. This extra work gives us more information, and more accuracy. You can click on the test type for more info and details.
Prices below include testing father AND one child.  
The mother's DNA is not required, but if included we will test it free.  
Example: Testing Father, Mother and 2 children (99.9% Easy Test)= ?275 + ?99= TOTAL ?374
Click for Info and details.  
 Accuracy Price
 Extra Child  Why people usually choose this test  
Easy Test 99.9% ?275 ?99 This test is usually chosen because of it's low cost. People also take the Easy test when they are already a little certain of the result, but want the peace of mind.
Premium Test 99.99% ?350 ?99 Over 10 times more accurate than an Easy Test. Is taken by those with serious doubt and who don't want to risk a lower accuracy rate. We recommend a highly accurate test (like our Premium test) to ensure you have the correct result for this very important issue.  
Super Paternity 99.9999% ?425 ?120 An accuracy rate offered by very few labs in the world. For those who simply want the best. Very high number of DNA regions investigated to obtain this accuracy
Legal Paternity Test 99.9+% ?495 ?149 This test is used by those who need their test for legal reasons, including, to change birth records, inheritance issues, immigration, etc.