NULL Skriv ut sidan - Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-01-12


Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-01-12
Skrivet av: Stefan Simander (Simson) skrivet 2004-02-29, 08:38
Vad som bland annat erbjuds på sidan som angavs av John Tengberg ovan:
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Relationship tests - SWEDEN  
Depending on the number of people willing to be involved with the testing, the type of relationship (ie. brother to brother, uncle to nephew, etc.), it may or maynot be possible to test to confirm a biological relationship. For help click here for instant online chat.
Click on your test choice for pricing and additional information.
Test Who can give DNA to lower cost and improve accuracy  
Brother to Brother Best: Any parent of either brother  
Okay: Additional siblings
Brother to Sister Best: Any parent of any brother or sister  
Good: additional siblings  
Sister to Sister Best: Either parent of either sister  
Okay: Additional siblings
Grandparent to Grandchild Best: Mother of the child  
Good: to have both grandparents
Okay: relative of the father
Other relationship tests Discuss with our technical team click for help  
DNA PROFILE  To compare the DNA of one sample against another  
Or, to obtain a DNA profile of an individual.