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Titel: Andersson, Anders
Skrivet av: Harry Olson skrivet 2002-11-22, 02:38
My Grandparents came from Sweden in the early 1900's.   I believe my Grandfather changed his name from Andersson to Olson sometime after they arrived.   My Grandparents came across separately; my Grandfather through Canada, my Grandmother (with four boys, Olaf, Anton, Nels, Swen) through Boston.   The following information is all I have.  Help?
Andrew Olson
  Born: April 4, 1872 in Skona, Sweden
  Died: Jan. 16, 1942 (I assume Ashland, WI, USA)
  Entry: Nov 7, 1905 (From Canada to Emerson, ND, USA)
  Naturalization: Jan 29, 1918. Cert. #606, Circuit
Court, Ashland
Elsie Olson
  Born: March 6, 1870 in Skona, Sweden
  Died: April 13, 1940 (I assume Ashland)
  Entry: July 16, 1906 (Boston, Mass, USA)
  Naturalization: Same as above.