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Titel: Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) - help with utflyttning & school certificate
Skrivet av: Kathryn Stone skrivet 2013-01-19, 05:20
Hej Stefan!
Wow, I am on Ancestry, and I am really surprised that there is such a difference!  
The page I needed to see also wasn't at Slaka AI:20 Image 56/page 52. But since you also gave me the GID number, I was able to find it at AI:19 page 52, image 56 [#53. Ebbelyckan]. And of course, there was Anders Peter Grönberg right at the top like you said.  
The thrill of success kept me looking and I was able to find Grönberg in Vist, leaving Vist in 1866 and entering Slaka, and then in Slaka AI:15, AI:17, and AI:19. So the good news is that I was able to track him from 1863 to 1881, but the bad news is that in all those years there is no written evidence of the brothers Carl Gustaf and Frans Adolf being in his care.  So I guess that's the end of that.  Thank you so much for helping me find that info, and again for the school information you gave me earlier.
Now, if some kind soul could give me some answers to the [color=0000ff]questions in #4. above[/color], I think that would get me about as close as I'm ever going to get to knowing what kind of lives the boys had, and where, until they left to find work on their own.
again, my sincerest thanks,