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Titel: Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) - help with utflyttning & school certificate
Skrivet av: Stefan Magnusson skrivet 2013-01-18, 11:46
Hi Kathy, I may have the answers to some of your questions:
3. Transl: Parting of the estate after his former wife dated April 4th 1865 ???? in Bankekinds Häradsrätt fall session 1865 - A. P. Grönberg in Ebbelycke testifies that he for the support of the widows childrens from the estate has received ???? legal share - dated June 8, 1869
There was an Anders Peter Grönberg living in Ebbelyckan, Slaka, Östergötland at this time: Slaka AI:20 (1873-1880) Image 62 / page 53. Perhaps that is the correct person.
5. Transl: The boy Carl Gustaf Gustafsson, registered here on March 1st 1870, has participated in this schools 3rd and 4th grade during 66 days, displayed very good manners and diligence, acquired knowledge and skills in the following topics:
Yes, klass in Swedish corresponds to grade. In the old days they could do two grades in just a couple of months, and perhaps not even participate every year, so it is a  rather loose concept at this time. More structure and organisation was introduced 1878 when 6 years in elementary school was made mandatory, so he could very well have left school after the 3rd and 4th grade. Actually, it might be more or less confirmed by the use of the word afgångsbetyg in the document, which roughly means school leaving certificate.
Registered on March 1st 1870 is probably his entry (1st and 2nd grade) into school, and I guess the 1873 date could be when he left, but I can't say that for sure only based on a date.