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Titel: Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) - help with utflyttning & school certificate
Skrivet av: Kathryn Stone skrivet 2013-01-18, 09:52
Warm greetings to everyone!
[color=0000ff]Today I am hoping for some help figuring out who took care of little 6 year-old Carl Gustaf after his mother died.[/color]
The mother: Eva Charlotta Gustafsdotter died 1864 May 26, Svinstad, Östergötland
[color=0000ff]The little boy, Carl Gustaf Gustafsson[/color] [born 1858 DEC 30, Vist socken] / and his brother Frans Adolf Gustafsson [born 1861 JUN 15, Svinstad socken]
The father: Gustaf Carlsson [born 1834 JUL 02, Vist socken]

[color=0000ff]1.[/color] There was a bouppteckning after Eva's death, in which a guardian was named for the two boys, and a small amount of money was set aside for their care. The guardian named was August Pettersson in Högsätter, Grebo socken [this is the husband of Eva's sister]. [color=0000ff]But the boys did not go to live with the guardian. -?- Why not?[/color]
-----[Her bouppteckning:  ArkivDigital - Bankekinds häradsrätt FII:36 (1861-1865) Bild 1402 / sid 2785 (AID: v76479.b1402.s2785, NAD: SE/VALA/ 01519)]
[color=0000ff]2.[/color] From 1864-1874 the father and sons remain listed together on the På socken page in Svinstad. I have learned though, that the father went to work in Landeryd. [color=0000ff]-?- So if the dad was gone working, who cared for the boys?  [/color]
-----[ Svinstad, 1862-1867 AI:15, På socken page 133, lines 11-14 / 387.28.7600 ]  
-----[ Svinstad, 1868-1872 AI:17, På socken page 130, lines 10-12 / 387.30.32300 ]  
-----[-----------------also in AI:17, På socken page 132, lines 11-15 / 387.30.32500 ]  
-----[ Svinstad, 1873-1878 AI:19, På socken page 141, lines 16-21 / 387.32.5800 ]

[color=0000ff]3.[/color] In 1869, the father marries again, in Svinstad.  In the record for this marriage, there is something written about the boys being cared for by A.P. Grönberg, who was then payed from the boys inheritance.  I have been paging through Hfl records trying to find an A.P. Grönberg, but have not yet found him.    
[color=0000ff]-?- So how do I find A.P. Grönberg?[/color] Do you think A.P. Grönberg is a man or woman?  
[color=0000ff]-?- If I find Grönberg, should the boys be listed with him/her?[/color] or not necessarily because they are not his/her children?
[color=0000ff]-?- Can someone please translate the whole notation?[/color] Does it say that Grönberg is in Ebbelgard (?) would that be a farm or parish?  

-----I have attached here a copy of the note, but the original can be seen at:  
----- ArkivDigital  Landeryd CI:5 (1861-1872) Bild 74 / sid 139 (AID: v38685.b74.s139, NAD: SE/VALA/00212)

[color=0000ff]4.[/color] In the Hfl for Borg 1860-1871, the young Carl Gustaf is listed as a fostersonen in the household of his Uncle Carl Magnus Carlsson. However the Svinstad Utflyttning does not show him leaving there until 1874.
[color=0000ff]-?- Can Carl Gustaf be living there even though he has not officially left Svinstad?[/color] So then in 1874, did he return to Svinstad just to officially leave?
[color=0000ff]-?- Can anyone figure out from this Hfl page when Carl Gustaf arrived at #310. Stora Orretorp in Borg? [/color]
-----[ Carl Gustaf as fostersonen in Borg:  AI:15, #310. Stora Orretorp / 276.39.26200, pg 309 ]
[color=0000ff]5.[/color] Carl Gustaf Gustafsson [the ancestor who started our family tree] brought only one thing with him from Sweden to America  ...  a school transcript [afgångsbetyg] dated 1873, saying he had attended school in Borg socken.  
[color=0000ff]-?- Can someone translate the following part of Carl's school certificate? [/color]  
-----Gossen Carl Gustaf Gustafsson intagen här  d. 1 Mars 1870 har genomgätt skolans 3dje - 4de klassen under 66 dagar (terminer), ådagalagt mycket goot uppförande och god flit, samt insigt och färdighet i följande läroämuen:  
[color=0000ff]-?- Is 3rd and 4th klass equivalent to 3rd and 4th grade/level in school?[/color]  
[color=0000ff]-?- Does that mean he must have also completed the 1st and 2nd? [/color]  
[color=0000ff]-?- Is the 4th class the end of common school, i.e. is that all there is? [/color]  
[color=0000ff]-?- Does the date  1 Mars 1870  signify when he started attending school?  At the bottom it is signed and dated 30 September 1873.[/color]

Thank you so very much for all the generous sharing of time and knowledge, both past and present,