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Titel: George Bush är svensk(?)
Skrivet av: Leif Persson skrivet 2015-11-11, 22:44
Det här släktskapet för Bush är tydligen felaktigt, vilket Peter S Craig meddelar redan 2007, se detta nummer av Swedisch Colonial News, volume 3, number 6 och sidan 18 och framåt.
This claim proves to be erroneous. It was based in part on my research that New Sweden settler Måns Andersson had a son Christopher Mounts whose daughter Anna Mounts, born 9 January 1702/3, married Robert Mercer of Cecil County, Maryland, on 1 August 1727 and that Anna was the mother of Robert Mercer, Jr., born 22 December 1737. Others then tied these facts to the claim in Gary Boyd Roberts' book, Ancestors of American Presi dents (1995), that the Robert Mercer who died in 1793 in New Castle County, Delaware, survived by a wife born Sarah Beeston, was the same person as Robert Mercer, Jr., and was the father of John Mercer who married Rebecca Davis in Cecil County, Maryland, in the same year. There is no doubt that the Bushes are descended from John Mercer and Rebecca Davis of Cecil County. However, there is no hereditary link between that John Mercer and the Mounts family