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Enligt Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig så var Måns 66 år gammal vid sista barnet, inga källor.  
Enligt Robert Brian Stewart's källor så har vad jag förstår Craig använt sig mycket av 1693 Census, känns lite magert eller .........
Children of Måns Andersson (Av Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig) (Inga källor)
Not all of Måns Andersson's children have been identified, but they appear to have included at least the following:
1. Brita Månsdotter, apparently born in Sweden by Måns' first wife, was married at Fort Trinity in 1654.
2. Ingeborg Månsdotter, was born by estimation in 1647.
3. Christopher Månsson, born c. 1652.
4. Lars Månsson/Lawrence Mounts, born c. 1660.
5. Charles Månsson, born c. 1664 in Delaware, better known during his lifetime as Charles Anderson.  
6. Maria Månsdotter, born c. 1676
Av Robert Brian Stewart, Evans, GA
Måns Andersson[1,2]
b. circa 1610, #1669
Also called Moens Andriesen. Måns Andersson was born circa 1610 in Sweden.[3]  
He was the son of Anders of Sweden. He was on the Kalmar Nyckel's 2nd voyage to America, arriving circa February 1641 in New Sweden Colony, Delaware.[2]
He was a servant of the company, planting tobacco in 1644 in Christina, New Sweden.[3]  
He earned the status of a Freeman before 1648.[3]  
He was established his plantation, which he called Silleryd or the Salted Herring, in a section known as Finland, the area between Marcus Hook and Chester (then called Upland) in 1648 in Pennsylvania.[3]  
He was involved in the complaint against Governor Printz, and obtained refuge at Fort Casimir (New Castle) in 1653.[2]  
He was named tobacco inspector by the Dutch in December 1656 in Fort Christina (Fort Altena to the Dutch).[3,2]  
He was mentioned in a deed as Mannis Andries with land at the second hook above the fort in 1660 in Paerden Hook or Swanwyck.[3] He owned a plantation north of the Chistina River on the Brandywine River before 1661.[3]  
He moved,with his wife and six children, to the southeast side of the Elk River in 1661 in Cecil County, Maryland.[3,2]  
He had surveyed for him a 150-acre tract called Mountsfield on 25 April 1662 in near the mouth of the Elk River, on the Southeast side, Maryland.[3]  
He was naturalized by the Maryland government as Mountz Anderson, a native of Sweedland on 6 June 1674 in Maryland.[3,4]  
He gave a deposition on 25 June 1677/8 (sic) relating to his former Brandywine River property on 25 June 1677.[3,4]  
Sources (Källor):
[1] Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, Johan Gustafsson, Soldier from Kinnekulle, Swedish Colonial News 1 (Spring 1994). Hereinafter cited as Johan Gustafsson.  
[2] J.D. Peter Stebbins Craig, The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware, Family Histories of the Swedish Lutheran Church Members Residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey, & Cecil County, Md. 1638-1693 (Winter Park, Florida: SAG Publications, 1993), pg. 36-37. Hereinafter cited as Census 1693 (of Swedes).  
[3] The SS HyperTree, online, The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware. Hereinafter cited as SS Hypertree.  
[4] J.D. Peter Stebbins Craig, Census 1693 (of Swedes), pg. 36 - footnote 28.  
My sources, what I derived from them and what I present to you, are what I saw. Double check everything before you use for yourself. Thanks.
Robert Brian Stewart
Evans, GA