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Titel: Urbom / Uhrbom
Skrivet av: Chris Bingefors skrivet 2009-05-22, 04:40
I found the Uhrbom families in the Disbyt data base, they are often blacksmiths. Widow Anna Brita Bengtsdotter married blacksmith Herman Uhrbom in 1832 according to the book of deaths i Landeryd 1842, where he died March 7. The priest has noted his marriage, which is relatively unusual.  
 The son apparently took his stepfather´s name. (Anybody could freely take any name except Noble family names before 1901)  
Husförhör Landeryd AI:8 page 154 gives the family in 1840-45. The marriage book in Vist EI.1 page 36 (marriage no 5) states that she was not a widow, but unmarried before she married Herman Uhrbom. As you can see in Landeryd AI:8 Carl Johan Martin did not join the family until 1839.
However, the death notice for Herman also says he has one son and two daughters living, that must mean that Carl Johan Martin was not his son.
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