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Titel: Urbom / Uhrbom
Skrivet av: Charles Cliff skrivet 2009-05-21, 20:15
Thanks to help and advice we've gotten here and other places, we've come quite some ways in finding information about my mother, Eunice Peterson's Swedish roots -- but now we have come to an impasse.
My maternal grandmother was Ida Sofia Uhrbom and her father, Carl Oscar Uhrbom, was born in Motala 23 December 1852 and his father Carl Johan Martin Uhrbom b. 7 August 1823, to Anna Brita Bengsdt in Längenäs, Vist Sogn.  However, the surname Uhrbom is not recorded at birth, only later in census reports.
So, what I need to figure out is how he acquired the surname, Uhrbom?  Was it by adoption, did his mother marry an Uhrbom -- who might have even been his biological father?  
I'm really at a loss here, I haven't been able to uncover more in SVAR or Genline -- but maybe I don't know where to look.