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Titel: Urbom / Uhrbom
Skrivet av: Chris Bingefors skrivet 2009-04-26, 21:15
Carl Oskar and Sofia live in Göteborgs Karl Johan parish in 1890 and in 1900. Ida Sofia is first noted as born 1880, but that is later changed to 1882 (4 Dec), she has apparently been mixed up with her older brother David Oskar. The family are baptists and therefore the children are not christened in the state church, probably the cause of the mix-up. (Source: Parish Book, Karl Johan SE/GLA/13186/A II a/1 page 233, ID in the Svar data base: A0022885_00469)
I cannot find Carl Oskar's birth in Motala, he is supposed to have been born 23 Dec 1852.  
On the same page in the parish book for Göteborgs Karl Johan (AI:36 page 810) is a probable brother, Frans Urbom, born in Motala 19 nov 1857, His parents are CJM Urbom and Johanna Charlotta Kindman from the Factory. No page is given for the household census.
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