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Titel: Urbom / Uhrbom
Skrivet av: Charles Cliff skrivet 2009-04-26, 08:53
I am looking for my Swedish grandmother Eda/Ida Uhrbom, who in the United states later chanced her first name to Edith. She married George Peterson (of Norwegian origin) in Michigan, Delta County in 1907. They lived in Ford River, Delta County in 1920.  
My mother Eunice, born 1922 in Michigan,  married my father, Robin Cliff,  in 1938 in  Indiana, USA. she died in 1943, while I was still an infant in Indiana..
My grandmother is likely to be Ida Sofia Uhrbom who emigrated to USA in 1906. Presumably she was the daughter of Sophia Olsdatter Jonson, born in Sankt Peder in 1855, and Karl (Carl) Oskar Urhbom, born in Motala in 1852.  
Carl Oskar and Sofia lived in Göteborgs Karl Johan forsamlingen in Göteborg in 1890 (but we do not have concrete documentation of this). Eda/Ida Uhrbom is believed to have been born in 1880/82 most likely in Kristine.
I will be most thankful for any clue about Carl Oskar Uhrbom and his family. It is a guess that he might be related to Peder Oskar Urhbom, and Lars Uhrbom. Carl Oskar's occupation was Maskinist, and since some of the Uhrboms in Motala are blacksmiths, there could be some connection.
I live in Denmark, speak and write Danish fluently and read Swedish faily well.
Charles Cliff