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Titel: Sundqvist
Skrivet av: Eva Dahlberg skrivet 2004-08-09, 07:29
Joy, Anna Brita Sundqvist was a sister of Sofia Katarina Sundqvist (1843-1923) who married Frans August's brother Oskar Frithioff Taube (1841-1909). Their parents were former soldier Zacharias (Andersson) Silverspets and his wife Kajsa Lena Näsvall in the village Vånafjärden in Nederkalix parish. Anna Brita also had a brother Johan (born 1846).
I'm related with the Taube's as they were first cousins to my gg gm (their mother Katarina Sandlund was a sister of my gg gg m Margareta Jakobsdotter Sandlund). Are you a descendant of Oskar Arvid Taube? I've recently looked at some of the Taube/Ekman emigrants in the registers of the House of Emigrants in Växjö.
There ought to be several Taube/Sundqvist descendants in the Kalix/Haparanda area. But my research on the collateral lines so far ends around the early 1900s.  
Johan Sundqvist married Greta Lena Olofsdotter (born 1839) in 1870. I've followed them only in the clerical surveys until 1890, where I've found the following children (the family  lived in the village Övermorjärv):
Johan Albert (1870-1871)
Anna Maria (1872-1883)
Johan Albert (b. 1875)
Hilda Margareta (b. 1877)
Frans Oskar (b. 1880)
Karl Ulrik (b. 1883)
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PS. There are several unrelated Sundqvist families in Nederkalix parish.