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Titel: Pihl
Skrivet av: Leif G. Olofsson skrivet 2015-04-18, 11:55
Pihl is, as you understand, a soldier´s name in many regiments in the old Swedish army. Until 1901 the army was a semiprofessional thing, fixed regiments of course, and within the regiment fixed companies of ca 150 soldiers. Every soldier in a company had a fixed number and name, where the solider name (rather name of the rote or the thorp where the soldier lived) often was the same from the 17th century till 1901. So when one soldier Pihl died or was replaced, the noew one got the same name, and so on. BUT, and this is typical: the soldiers who survived the duty years kept their name and his children very often inherited it. In those times there was no law that controlled and ruled name´s giving. That is why those often colorful and realistic names have survived as surnames up till today. I hope this will help you to a better understanding.