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Titel: Moffat
Skrivet av: Jeff Benson skrivet 2007-03-06, 17:59
Regarding Robert Niklas Hellgren, I have not found his birth entry either. I researched the army GMR (muster rolls) for Börge Hellgren's service record. He spent most or all of his army time serving in Jösse härads kompani. So, it would seem logical to look for Robert N.'s birth in Ny(S) or other nearby parishes. So far, I have not found anything for R. N. although Börge and Maria Moffat had 3 other children born in Stavnäs (twins Elisabeth Katarina and Johan in 1708, son Karl Gustav in 1711). R. N.'s birth was probably in the years 1705-1707 but no one seems to know for sure.
I also found a partial record in By(S) births (20 Oct 1705) that strongly suggests Maria Moffat lived in the parish at this time. Therefore, it is also possible R. N. was born there too. Unfortunately, this particular church book was so poorly photographed by LDS that the Genline images are almost useless. I would like to eventually purchase the same church book from Arkiv Digital in hopes of better quality images.
I had found Börge Hellgren's death record but thanks for the reminder. I reviewed the entry again last night. Some of the text is difficult to read but it does confirm Börge's father was named Nils. In fact, Börge's earliest GMR entry lists him as trumslagare Börge Nilsson. I believe his death record also says he was born at Björnerud, which is probably the place in Älgå(S).
I don't yet have Börge Hellgren's bouppteckning but I should acquire that one as well. Those records are somewhat more difficult for us folks here in America to obtain, though. I know that one can request a bouppteckning from the Värmlandsarkiv website and have used that method in the past.
Regarding Robert Moffat, I think it would be interesting to contact some Clan Moffat researchers to see if they can identify him in Scottish records. The biggest problem is that Robert is a very common name in the Moffat family. But since this Robert Moffat was a member of the nobility perhaps the list of possible candidates is manageable.