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Titel: Moffat
Skrivet av: Jeff Benson skrivet 2007-03-06, 05:59
Hej Ingalill,
Thanks for the correction. I looked up the death entry for Maria Isabella Moffat in 1742 Kila records. This is important because I have so far found only circumstantial evidence that Robert Niklas Hellgren is the son of Maria Moffat and Börje Hellgren. Now I can look up her bouppteckning and hopefully get more useful information.
Also, do you know whether Robert Moffat (the elder) was an immigrant from Scotland? Or was he born in Sweden of Scottish parents? I wonder if anyone has tried to connect him or his ancestors to a particular place in Scotland. I read some history of Clan Moffat. It seems that one branch of the clan disappeared in the early 1600s. Perhaps some of them came to Sweden?